Whether you’re planning a holiday, seeking travel advice or looking for destination inspiration, many of us now turn to blogs for the answers. Particularly when it comes to solo female travel, which can sometimes be a daunting (as well as incredibly exciting) experience.

So to get you prepared for your next solo adventure, we’ve found the ladies to help you out. In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, here’s our pick of best solo female travel bloggers that you need to be following.

Be My Travel Muse

Originally from Southern California, Kristin worked as an investment banker for four years before pursuing her passion for travel. She quit her job, sold her possessions and booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok in 2012. And it’s fair to say she’s never looked back.

Kristin has been travelling the world for over seven years now and visited six of the seven continents. The vast majority of her adventures have been solo and include impressive feats such as hiking the spectacular Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, skydiving in Namibia and hitchhiking across China. Kristin has dedicated her life to travelling solo and her blog is sure to inspire you to want to do the same

My Adventures Across the World

Claudia’s love for travel began with childhood trips around her home isle of Sardinia and the rest of Europe. In 2013 she set off for South America and was inspired to start her blog after a trip to Cuba. Claudia first started writing to share her adventures with her friends and family, but soon decided to pursue travel blogging as a full-time project.

Whilst her blog continues to offer fantastic local features on Sardinia, you’ll find articles ranging from accommodation guides to tales of her own misadventures. With an Amazon River cruise and the Mount Fitzroy trek still on her bucket list, she’s a solo female travel blogger you definitely want to follow.

The Blonde Abroad

Back in 2011, Kiki took a three-month break from her corporate career to travel through Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. And after discovering the empowerment of solo travel, she soon ditched the office and has gone on to travel over 70 countries since.

Now split between California and Cape Town, Kiki shares her journey and travel tips to inspire other women to live a life they love. She’s also an excellent photographer and shared her passion for this on her blog, Instagram account and on the all-female photography tours she runs.

Teacake Travels

If you’re looking for someone to encourage you to push your boundaries, Alice is the travel blogger to do it. Previously a psychologist in the UK, she felt like something was missing. Then, after meeting a girl who had been teaching English in India, Alice said goodbye to her old life and went to teach in South Korea.

After taking a solo trip to Seoul, Alice discovered what she was truly capable of and, in every country she has visited since, she aims to push her comfort zone that bit further. Her blog is packed with girl power passion, sure not only to inspire you to travel, but to give you the confidence and self-belief to do it solo.

Wild About Travel

Self-described as a ‘50+ girl young at heart’, Simon has been solo travelling around the world for over 20 years. Born in Italy, she grew up in Switzerland before moving back to Milan at aged 18. In 2009 Simon left her corporate career behind and combined her passions for travel, photography and story-telling in her blog ‘Wild About Travel’.

Being a lover of nature and the outdoors, her blog offers plenty of advice on stunning hikes. You’ll also find articles on cities, arts, culture, food and wine – so there’s a little something for everyone.

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